Thursday, June 21, 2007

Web 2.0 Workflow

Dear all,

In the last fortnight I have become a Facebook convert. After spending years on Flickr, and more recent times on MySpace, maintaining a profile on LinkedIn, and certainly inhabiting the 3D virtual world of Second Life (find me currently dressed in iSummit conference garb as 'Rachel Witte'), I have finally progressed to this networking tool. Ever since, I have become relatively afflicted by the constant need to check my status as well as those around me. Forget the crackberry, this is higher bandwidth :)

The question is, however, How productive are these tools? Are they really enhancing your social capital, or are they depriving you of the ability to earn financial capital by constant interruption of train of thought?

So, as we toggle and twitter, are we really getting into the 'zone', into the fold of Csikszentmihalyi's flow, or is it a case of continuous partial attention? See the debate between Stowe Boyd and Linda Stone here.
Are we evolving our neurophysiology, or are we just coping through the cognitive dissonance?
Only time will tell…

Tim O'Reilly recently linked to a YouTube, yes!, video on Web 2.0, which is on my page: 'Are you blogging this?' I think this says (badly sings) something valuable: a cautionary tale of too many SNSs.

As we contemplate this, only partially, remember to have a nice hot cup of tea whilst waiting for Australia's broadband to improve!

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